Tired of feeling like an permanently exhausted pigeon, hoping it magically gets better, but being unsure where to start?



Looking for a meaningful way to practice self-care that fits into your busy life?

Missing quality time?

Struggling to find the motivation to do everyday things

You deserve Better!

           and you know it

You know that taking breaks during the work day and self-care are essential for fighting exhaustion. Unfortunately that advice is often too generic, doesn’t fit into our busy agendas, and none of us need the guilt that comes from skipping #selfcare on our over flowing to-do list.

You need a structure that tells us exactly what to do when we're exhausted ...

transforming your stress into an ally for relaxation

Join me for a FREE online workshop to
construct your own personalized Energy Map!

Coming Soon

20.00 in Amsterdam, 2pm in Boston & 11am in San Diego

Can’t make it don’t worry!
A replay will be sent around after the workshop to enjoy in your own time.

What you will get BEFORE the webinar:

  • prompts to get you thinking, and
  • a blank Energy Map

What you do DURING the webinar:

  • build your unique Energy Map
    a 1 page cheat sheet for regaining control over your energy levels, build it once during the webinar & use it
  • learn how to simplify self care using the 5 zones  of Energy Depletion
  • know WHEN to recharge based on your unique stress signals
  • know HOW to recharge based in your list of energy restoring activities

5 zones of
Energy Depletion

What you will get AFTER the webinar:

After the webinar you’ll have the opportunity to join the 21 day Energy Shift; where you will be cheered on and supported while  implementing the Energy Map and deciding on what changes to make in order to improve your base zone of operation.

21 day Energy Shift includes:
  • weekly group Q&A sessions (live via Zoom)
  • direct access to me during Voxer hours
  • early access to Mibsters Unite
    a private community hosted outside of social media for those ready to break the cycle of exhaustion, where you can build on the energy of one another

You're busy

… I know it & I’m with you

Hang out with me for 60 minutes and you will gain a technique to understand your energy levels and a have a personalized 1 page cheat sheet for managing your energy and simplifying self-care. 

The most impactful thing we can do to regain control over exhaustion is to recognize our stress symptoms & take action.  And that is exactly what the Energy Map was built to do. 

Sanity has a price but it's always worth it

mama Zoltan, HPST

Oh, who am I?

I’m Evelyn an enthusiastic experimentalist who excels in breaking down big dreams into small unintimidating steps.

On a mission to enable professionals to regain control over their energy levels, prevent burnout, and enjoy their weeknights again with fun actionable steps.

When I am not going to my day job, building content for energy marbles, or chasing kiddo.  I can be found playing video games, counting stitches, and battling caterpillars in the garden.